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Background of the Study

          The word “secretary” means an employee engaged in an office that deals with correspondence and keeps records of such organizations. He also makes arrangements and appointments for a particular member of the staff.

          Fringe benefits are incentives or additional entitlement given to employees by management outside their salaries. They help to motivate workers to higher level of work and affect their behavior.

          Fringe benefits make an employee to stay longer in an organization. The longer he stays in organization, the more likely it is that he will get use to it and accept it. An employee may stay in an organization for us as long as it takes for the pension plan to come into effect.

          Performance, on the other hand, denotes the carrying out of a task. It could therefore be said of secretaries been influenced or motivated with some factors for high job performance as the more occurrence of those factors may lead to incredible work in return. The study primarily aims at the satisfaction of secretaries in various levels and x-rays their benefits in selected business organizations.

The study also gives in-depth account of the various problems of secretaries with the employer and the effect these problems have on the general output of the secretaries. The underlying objectives of every employee are to engage in a job that will be satisfactory and to perform work effectively. A selected organization is an employer of different organization is an employer of different cadres of workers including sectaries.

Fringe benefits and more to secure agreement with the employer on job security. The employer faced with many problems has continued on his programme of cutting down cost by embarking on retrenchment, pay-cut and even the withdrawal of certain benefits. This does work anger well with job performance since the secretaries are dissatisfied with their conditions of service. It is believed if the right atmosphere is provided. This includes good pay pocket, medical treatment, house rent subsidiary, transport allowance, vehicle loan, trans-bonus recreational facilities, xmas payment, pension, overtime and off touring allowance, a convenient condition of services and job security.

The labour unions which could provide some cover for secretaries gradually being fizzled out. This could be advanced from the federal government gazette that approved for only 71 trade unions. Moreover, the attitude of various employer towards their secretaries greatly affects the job performance, the secretaries could be better if their condition of work is improved.

Statement of Problem

          This study was centered on the effects of fringe benefits on the job performance of secretaries in selected business organizations. In view of the prevailing problems facing secretaries in an unhealthy working environment, the researcher therefore intends to study the secretaries job performance as regards to fringe benefits available in selected business organization. Also in this study, the researcher will examine the factors that necessitate high job performance, satisfactory conditions and also to determine that factors that will reduce job performance of secretaries in selected business organizations. The study will further examine good working conditions and types of fringe benefits.

Purposes of the Study                          

          The major purpose of this study was to indentify the effect of fringe benefits on the job performance of secretaries in selected business organization in Imo State.

Others purposes include:

  1. To identify the type of fringe benefits available to secretaries in selected organizations.
  2. To find out the effect of fringe benefits on secretaries job performance in selected organization.
  3. To examine ways of improving the fringe benefits available to secretaries in selected organization.





Research Questions

The following research questions will guide the study.

  1. What are the types of fringe benefits available to secretaries in selected organizations?
  2. What are the effects of fringe benefits on secretaries’ performance in selected organization?
  3. How can selected organization improve their fringe benefits to enhance secretaries’ performance?

Significance of the Study

          The performance of any organization depends on the prevalent organizational climate. This study is therefore of great significance in that it look at various problems of secretaries that are being faced by the organization or some office. Modern managers especially those of the selected organization will find this study very useful since it will help them solve secretaries’ employees’ problem as regards to fringe benefits and increase their job performance. Secretaries in particular will also find this study appealing since it will help them to know what is due to them as fringe benefits in the organizations.

Scope of the Study/Delimitations          

          This study focuses on the effect of fringe benefits on secretaries’ job performance in selected business organizations.

          Meanwhile, secretaries from both upper and lower cadres may be involved in the research questions are designed to find out the general performance of secretaries in various cadres in the organizations.

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