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                    This study intent to look into what the federal government agriculture policies has done in putting food on the tables of the Nigeria citizenry which the Enugu north local government area as a case of study; also it seeks to know how farmers have benefited from the credit schemes, water resources, policies, inputs and mechanization, in duding information by extension workers concerning the new improved system of agriculture.

               Agricultural policy is defined as a laid down approach established after a though investigation of the agricultural problems of the country. This policy is a reflection of Government action in the agricultural sector of the economy so as to bring speedy agricultural development. These policies have been made to achieve certain goals, which include:

ØTo provide sufficient food and fiber to meet national requirement at a reasonable price.

ØTo provide crops that can be exported to boost foreign exchange and

ØTo increase the standard of living an income levels of the rural people as well as the rural farmers

Enugu north local government is made up of therein major towns viz (i) Ogui Nike (II) Enugu Ngwo (iii) Umuome Nike, it is worthy to note that the local government is local in the urban.

Statement Of The Problem 

(1)  Inability of Agriculture To Claim Its Position In The Economy System.

(2)  Persistence hunger and price increase despite Government effects.

(3)  Government policy efforts in the agricultural sector may have been a mere talk.

(4)  Most of the foods in the market are important.


  Purpose Of The Study

          The previous research works on this subject have revealed a gap between policy output and policy output and policy impact in the Agricultural sector. Researchers have shown that the impact of the Agricultural policies in not as heavy as they are to be by the policy empires.

It is therefore the specific purpose of this study to ascertain the extent of such gap and then try to proffer solutions or give advice on how best to administer future Agricultural policies for the people welfare.

Significance Of The Study

The study is very important especially in this era of bloated population and low-income earning ability of the teeming masses. The study, after evaluating the effects of the policies will help in future policy direction of the seven (7) point Agenda of the Federal Government and the (4) point Agenda of the Enugu State Government in which Agriculture has occupied a cardinal point. Secondly, the vision 20: 20: 20 of the Federal Government as well as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have agriculture as a their driving wheel. Even at the Local Government Level the grass-root has to be sensitized on how to benefit from such policies by being provided with useful information.



Research Questions

1.    Have farmers in Enugu North Local Government Area benefit from the Agricultural policies of the Federal Government?

2.    How many Federal Government Agricultural establishments and intervention on there in the state?

3.    To what extent has credit scheme of the Federal Government benefit the Nigeria populace especially those in the Enugu North Local Government Area? 

4.    How has the issues of food inadequacy been taken care of these policies?


     This is the care of the study and shall progress in the light of the following.

-a- Agriculture policies of the Federal Government has not done anything to

     better the lot of people especially in the Enugu North Local Government Area.

-b- The quality of the officials of the Local Government is likely to impede     

      or enhance the realization of the policy thrust.

-c- The people quest for quick wealth may have been Albatross in the

       Realization of these policies.

-d- The farmers have not received enough extension services credit other inputs from the  Federal Government.

Delimitation Of The Study

          This study courses all areas of agriculture in the Enugu North Local Government with special attention to poultry. This is as a result of the location of the Local Government. It is located in the city where arable land is inadequate. All Agricultural holdings in the Local Government are taken into focus.   

Limitation of the Study

Finances: this involves that money needed for the project to be carried out in a situation whereby the money needed become more high, some students in a group will be affected and this may hinder their chances of participating and finally terminates their work since nothing good comes easy without money.

Duration of the Project: this is the time consumed by student’s for carrying out a particular project research topic. Some students in a particular group may be giving excuses that the time fixed is not suitable for them, some may complain that they usually do their domestic work for their parents during the project research exercise, which may demand all attentions.

Difficulties From Certain Respondents: This problem arises from our respondent. Some of the offices and departments visited do not give immediate respondent with the excuse that they are busy.

Difficult Experiences: This is the experience we encounter from our group. Since every body has her own personal character couples with individual schedule for daily activity, thing can never be done at the same time. Therefore, the time schedule for a particular group to carry their project research varies.


Some important terms in this research needs to be defined. These terms are:

Effects: the word effects means a change produced by an action or a cause a result of an outcome. An effect can be negative or positive.

Policy: Policy means a plan of action statement or ideals proposed or adopted by a Government, Political party Business Company etc.

Food security: It means household having excess food for healthy living Agriculture: It refers to the production of crops, animals, fisheries, forestry and wild life products.

Agricultural Development: It can be defined as the introduction of various agricultural programmes in other to improve in the production of crops, animals and fisheries etc.

Agricultural mechanization: It is the application of engineering principals and technology in agricultural production, storage and processing.


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